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About us

Welcome To Grow King. Your Hydroponics & Garden Supplies Experts!


Grow King is your local, independent, one-stop shop for all of your outdoor and indoor gardening. growing. and hydroponics supplies and equipment. 


We specialize in growing indoor plants In particular. However, we have all the knowledge and supplies necessary to grow everything your business needs.


Over the past few years, Grow King has quickly grown a reputation as the local growing experts in the 905 / Greater Toronto Area.

Were located inBolton, and serve the g05/ Greater Toronto Area. With our shop conveniently located in south Bolton (Caledon), we welcome you to stop by today to start growing your relationship with our team. We always love meeting with new and past clients.

At Grow King, you’ll find our team has developed a complete and comprehensive expertise in growing, and we offer a wide variety of products designed specifically for your crop type. Whether you are growing indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, we’re ready to supply all your gardening needs. We hold ourselves to the highest standard. That means we only supply superior quality products and equipment that are fit for a king!


Safer & More Organic Yields

We're here help you grow and maintain your plants with less chemicals, which will give you safer and more organic yields for Consumption. Grow King is a boutique, family owned company that was started to provide growers an alternative to the products found at big box stores. While we specialize in growing indoor plants, we recommend these same products to also better your plantS and gardens. While some retailers will sell you any old product, Grow King has the expertise to sell you the right products and will never sell you something you don't need.


Your Garden Supply Specialist

Grow King is a garden supply store specializing in indoor and outdoor growing. We provide horticultural lighting fixtures, nutrients, and maintenance tools for growing all types of plants and gardens. From gardening and hydroponics supplies, to LED grow lights, tents, and more! Get the right gear and products for your grow at your garden supply specialist the Grow King.

Not only do we sell products and equipment, we also offer consulting services and setup so that you can ensure your system is maximized to yield a king's ransom. That's the kind of royal treatment you can expect from Grow King. Contact us today to discuss how we can help get you growing.


Expert Advice

Quality Products

Proven Results

Our team of experienced growers are here to advise and support all your growing needs. We supply high-quality growing products from leading manufacturers in Canada and worldwide. We're available to help fulfil your growing needs and achieve all your production goals.



Best Products. Affordable Prices. Only At Grow King

Grow King carries a wide variety of products designed specifically for your crop type whether you grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Our extensive inventory includes only Grow King approved products, which are conveniently available for pickup or quick shipping direct to you. Shop now